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Cost-effective licensing for the international ECE preschool curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Liberty Education's International Preschool Curriculum

    There are no  pre-requisites to becoming a licensed Liberty Education ECE school.  Organizations or schools that meet governing body guidelines or new schools may enter at any time. The guiding principle is to implement the curriculum with the aim of improving educational outcomes for the students and their families.

    To begin the process, contact Liberty Education with details about your school's circumstances and goals. Additionally, applicants should request the licensing agreement to better understand the implementation process.   

  • Teacher Training

    Professional Development

    An initial teacher training session is included with the licensing fee. The sessions usually run for 3 hours and include an introduction with guidance and suggestions for implementation.  The curriculum can be integrated with other materials to more fully cover domains that are location or religion-specific.

    Additional teacher training and development can be assigned on an as-needed basis. These sessions are particularly useful for new teachers or for those without early childhood experience.   

  • Licensing Fees

    The 3-year licensing fees cover initial teacher training and also includes terms and conditions detailed in the contract. In short, the curriculum is not to be resold or copied, and branding guidelines for the Liberty Education logo and collateral materials should be respected in all media.

    The cost of the books(for print contracts) is on a per student basis and separate from the licensing fee.

  • School Information System

    The Rosario School Information System(SIS) is very powerful and full-featured.  Nevertheless, running a SIS is a complex task as it is straightforward database management -- continuous attention to detail. The following details describe some of the points to consider. 

    • Liberty Education can host the application in Singapore for Asia, Los Angeles for the Americas, and in the Netherlands for Africa and Europe. 
    • Liberty Education will do the initial setup, that is included in the yearly fee. 
    • Additional training will be billed separately; staff will be expected to attend scheduled meetings, either in person or online. 
    • Schools will be expected to backup their databases on a regular basis, we are not responsible for data security beyond the hosting arrangement. 
    • Extra features such as report card designs are billed separately or can be contracted with a developer. 
  • Terms & Conditions of Licensing Agreement

    The Terms and Conditions of the Licensing Agreement runs 5 pages.  The main points are as follows:

    • It is necessary to purchase a license agreement to use the curriculum; there is a per student fee for printed books. 
    • Confidentiality means information supplied by Liberty Education and Intellectual Property- copyright, trademark, trading name, design, know how, and more. 
    • License Grant: grants Licensee non-exclusive non-transferable License
    • The Licensee will not distribute, sell, License, or sub-License
    • No copies are to be made unless approved by Licensor. 
    • Licensee recognizes all Intellectual Property Rights belong to Licensor.

Textbook Fees

Please note that some levels such as nursery require two textbooks but Prep level requires 3.

Additionally, the Teacher Editions are $50 each. 

  • Cost:

    cost per book based on levels and number of students

On-site Teacher Training

Teacher training is an integral part of delivering best in class preschool education.  One session is included in the initial Licensing fee with additional sessions held on an as-needed basis for a fee, typically $200 for a three hour session. 

  • Cost:

    $200 / session

Licensing for 3 years

Licensing is for an initial period of 3 years. Please consult the FAQ below for more information about the terms and conditions and what is included with the licensing fee. 

It includes assistance with marketing in offline and online media, training, and updated textbooks as they become available on an annual basis. 

Some of the licensing fees are country-specific so please request specifics for your school. 

  • Cost:

    fee varies by country

School Information System / Hosted

Rosario is a very powerful, full-featured open source system with an established worldwide user base. It requires a knowledgeable individual or group to manage it.  Please note that a SIS is database management so for grades, attendance, etc., it requires accuracy and attention. 

Training: Initial school setup is included. However, additional training is billed at $30/hour.  One should read the FAQ for more detailed information and visit Rosario's homepage for more information about documentation.

  • Cost:

    $400 / year

Sales & Marketing

Assist with sales content and the creation of campaigns, both online and offline.  Brand building, if not already established, will be the focus of the marketing efforts to boost sales and establish and build a reputation for excellence. 

Initial consultation included with licensing fee. 

  • Cost:

    Consulting Fee

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